WT1 Digital Thermometer

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Rs. 1,850.00

WT1 Digital Food Thermometer
With a Stainless Steel Sensorprobe

Digital food thermometer suitable for any home or professional kitchen
Portable Pen Digital Thermometer UWT-1B ,gives complete peace of mind when cooking so you can ensure that meat and poultry are safely cooked through.Long stainless steel probe is fully waterproof and easy to clean.Fits easily in kitchen drawers.Auto power off after 10 minutes.

Quick and easy to use, one button to turn it on and then simply use the stainless steel probe to measure temperature.
Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius with easy to read LCD display.
Batteries included so ready to use immediately.
Comes in waterproof storage case with hanging strap.

Applicable: BBQ and meat cooking, Jam making, Brewing, Winemaking, Cake making, Bread making, Fudge making, Chocolate making, Refrigeration, Laboratory use.

Brand: Unbranded
Model: WT1
Item Code: 4681
Colour: Black
Temperature Messurement Range:
                   50 Degrees Celsius ~
                  +300 Degrees Celsius
Physical Size: L207 X W19 MM