VCD/DVD YHA4 Lens Cleaner

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Rs. 850.00

VCD/DVD YHA4 Lens Cleaner
4 in 1 Design: Lens Clean Disc, Brush, Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning laser lenses can not only extend the service life of Blu-ray players, but also improve sound and image quality. It is commonly used for disc maintenance products. Too much contamination or fingerprints can block or deflect a precisely focused beam, causing VCD/DVD players to skip, freeze or move images, and this cleaning fluid can avoid such problems. Widely used for DVD, VCD, DVD-ROM and record players.

Brand: Unbranded
Model: YH A4
Item Code: 1990
Product Name : DVD Cleaning Kit;
4 in 1 Design : Lens Clean Disc, Brush, Cleaning Fluid
Brush Size : L108 x W28 x H25 MM
Disc Diameter : 120 MM