Universal Wireless Charger Receiver Module

Category: Mobile Accessories
Rs. 2,000.00

Universal Wireless Charger Receiver Module

Avoid wall sockets and tangled wires and charge your phone wireless with this receiver! Together with a charging plate, the receiver works as a traditional charger but is much smoother and takes up minimal space.

- Simple and easy to use
- Suitable for Android
- Fully wireless

Use the receiver as follows:
Remove the shell to increase the signal between the transmitter and receiver, then attach the receiver on the back of the phone, reattach the shell, and then place the phone on the wireless charging plate for maximum loading.

Note that this is only a receiver. To charge your phone, you need a wireless charging plate that is purchased separately.    

Type of device: Receiver for Wireless charging
Input: 5V
Output: 1000mA
Charging frequency: 100-200KHz
Charging Source: Micro USB
Size: 69 x 44 MM
Compatible with: Lightning, Micro