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ULT unite 2.0 2K 4K HDMI Audio Video Cable 5M

Category: HDMI
Rs. 10,000.00

ULT unite 2.0 2K 4K HDMI Audio Video Cable 5M
The ultimate solution to your audio/video cables

It is tired of using wires that tangle in themselves and trouble you? Free yourselves from the trouble today and purchase HDMI Flat Cable 2.0v 2k.4k 5M now from Laptab. Laptab has the ideal solution to your wiring problem. This accessory is the ultimate solution to your audio/video cables that is causing too much difficulty for you.

With the growing HDMI Cable trends, brings you the BEST HDMI Cable. HDMI Flat Cable 2.0v 2k.4k 10m is handy. You can take it along anyplace you want in your bag and luggage. Now there will be no hindrance to your work with the help of this cable—Online Buy at the lowest price in Pakistan. 

HDMI flat cable by ULT Unite with the certification of 2.0V. This feature highlights the fact that you can enjoy high-resolution videos of 1080P, 2k4k, 3D with auto-realization of network share. This ideal HDMI cable is designed beautifully, considering all your needs and wants. By giving you the best video and picture quality.

Brand: ULT Unite
Colour: Red
Length: 5M
Resolution: 1080p, 2k And 4K
Support: 3D
Built In: Ethernet Channel
Speed: 21GPBS for Silver