Surge Protective Device LRS01-V40A

Category: Convertors
Rs. 1,500.00

Surge Protective Device LRS01-V40A
DC/Ac24V Lightning Protector

It is suitable for over -voltage for over-voltage protection of signals in monitoring systems intergrating power supply, contro signals and video signals to protect them from damage caused by induced over-voltage and operating over-voltage and electrostatic discharge.  As well as overvoltage protection for data signals of intelligent control systems and DDn decicated lines such as RS485 signals.

Brand: Unbranded
Model: LRS01-V40A
Item Code: 1855
Colour: Black 
Outer Material: Steel+Fibre
Input / Output Voltage: DC12V
Connctor Type: BNC
Response Time: < 0.5 nS
Diamension: L48 X W26 X H27 MM