Romix RH58 Upper Back Posture Corrector

Rs. 4,000.00

Romix RH58 Upper Back Posture Corrector 
Preventation is better than cure

  • The ROMIX RH58 Anti-Humpback Belt has a powerful effect to help you form the habit of sitting upright, straightening your shoulders, shaping your spine.
  • With a design that fits both adults and children, with breathable, sweat-absorbing elastic material, easy to use and clean.
  • The product is suitable for people with back problems, back pain, especially people who sit for a long time, office workers.
  • Flexing when children sit in the wrong posture when studying, reading, carrying too heavy a bag... causing hunchback.
  • Support to prevent upper back diseases such as shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis and correct sitting posture.
  • Easy to use. No need help from other to put on or take off.
    Immediately relief your back pain and improve your posture.
    Counteract the bad habits of slouching over computer or phone.
    Humpback prevention.

Model: Romix
Model: RH58
Colour: Black
Material: Made with strong and breathable high quality neoprene material.