Pisen TS-LC003 AA5 AAA7 Battery Charger

Category: Battery Chargers
Rs. 1,750.00

Pisen TS-LC003 
AA & AAA Battery Charger

4 independent charging Slots. Allows you to mix AA / AAA / NiCD / NiMH 1.2v rechargeable batteries.

Smart and Safe - Accurate voltage detection ensures no over-charging and under-charging.

Battery Charging Indicate Lighted shows the charging status of each rechargeable battery.

Scientific and reasonable battery charging position design, high-quality materials effectively protect the battery from normal charging.

Built-in, fold-out plug design allows you to easily store the Pro Charger Battery Charger when not in use.

Independent charging slot design ensures that 2AA and 2AAA rechargeable batteries can be charged at a time.

Brand: Pisen
Model Type: TS-LC003
Color: White
Weight: 85g (0.18lbs)
Product Dimension: 76.2mm x 45mm x 30mm (3in x 1.77in x 1.18in)