Pisen Ni-MH800mAh AAA Rechargeable Battery

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Rs. 1,100.00

Pisen Ni-MH800mAh AAA Rechargeable Battery
2 AAA Rechargeable Batteries


Use of digital super core technology to stimulate electric ion energy optimize large current discharge characteristics endurance more durable more stable excellent quality.every one battery have passed 72 hours aging test safer to use. Nickel hydride battery do not contain mercury cadmium durable and more environmentally friendly no memory effect no virtual standard capacity rechargeable up to 1000 times.Economic more durable. 

Brand: Pisen
Model: AAA HR11/45
Item Code: 4059
Type: AAA
Staandard: GB/T220842-2008
Charging Time: 80mA for 16hours fast charging 240mA shall 4.5HRS (hours )
HR11/45battery parameters: 1.
voltage: 1.2V2.
Capacity: 800mAh