Pisen MU14-1000 Type C 2A Data Charging Cable

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Rs. 1,250.00

Pisen MU14-1000 Type C 2A Data Charging Cable
Adopting PVC high qulity cable soft and durable

Micro USB Type C cable connects the new generation, small and super fast, supports the USB 3.1 standard. Maximum speed 10Gbps and high output power, up to 20V (100W), 5A. The connection jack can be plugged in both sides conveniently.USB Type-C is very small so it is very convenient for computer models. , ultra-thin tablet, USB-C provides a much higher power level, transmitting power up to 100W. This will significantly save data transfer time as well as charging time for devices. This is also the reason that the 12-inch Macbook has used the USB Type-C connector as a charging port, more convenient with this port, users can also use a portable rechargeable battery to charge the laptop, as long as the That battery can push out 29W of power. Support switching and connecting with many other technologies.


  • Brand: Pisen
  • Model: MU09
  • Item Code: 4073
  • Type: USB to C Port Data Cable
  • Colour: White
  • USB: 2.0
  • Length: 1000 MM
  • Max Current: 2.4A