Pisen AP03-400 USB to Apple Micro USB & Lightning Cable

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Rs. 3,500.00

Pisen AP03-400 USB to Apple Micro USB & Lightning Cable
USB 2.0 (Three in One)

3in1 Apple 8pin adapter, Apple 30pin Adapter, Micro USB adapter, provides zero gap connection with your phone. Special high pressure resistant design, importes TPE original wire, uses eco friendly material, safe and long life span.Exterior undergo buffed process, allows product to look classy and brighter. Easily connects phone, undergo data transmit and charging function, compitable with most digital devices on market.

Brand: Pisen
Model: AP03-400
Item Code: 4071
Colour: Black
Length: 800mm
Connectivity: USB 2.0, Apple 8pin adapter, Lightning, Micro.