N8 Single Slot Vertical Laptop Stand

Category: Laptop Stands
Rs. 8,450.00

N8 Single Slot Vertical Laptic Stand
Expandable slot


Best Vertical Stands for Space Saving on a busy table. The stands often have brushed surfaces, durable construction, foldable structures and more. We have identified some of the best MacBook pro vertical stands for space saving benefits.
Optimize Desktop Space - It cradles your laptop or notebook vertically and keeps your desktop well-organized and space-efficient.
Exquisite Workmanship - It’s sandblasted, brushed, and CNC-machined from anodized aluminum alloy.
Durable and Stable - Its anodized aluminum alloy is scratch resistant, and its wide base guarantees stability and prevents falls
Protective Mat - Non-slip silicone mats cover the laptop docks to avoid scratches and to keep devices stable.

Brand: Unbranded
Model: N8
Item Code: 5911
Colour: Silver
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Messurement: L150mm x H45mm x W110 (Max) 90mm (Min)
Adjustability: Expandable and Tab or Phone restable edge