Mouse Pad with Wireless Charger

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Rs. 7,500.00

Mouse Pad with Wireless Charger

This unique mouse pad features built-in Qi-wireless charging capabilities so that you can charge your compatible iPhone or Android device right on your desk on the mouse pad itself without needing a wired or wireless charger separately.

If you ever wished to charge your phone seamlessly by placing it right on the mouse pad on your desk, then this is what you need!

Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging, a mouse pad that plugs in and acts as a wireless charger for anything that is placed atop it. You simply place your iPhone, or indeed any other Qi-compatible Android device beside your mouse as you work and it starts charging as if by magic.


Brand: Unbranded
Model: Non
Item Code:
Colour: AS per stock availability
Size: l26.5 X W20 X H4 MM
Power Input: 9V/1.6A
Power Output: 9V/1.2A
Standby energy consumption: <10mA
Working frequency range: 110k-220KHz
Transfer eficiency: 72% (max)
Launch distance: 4-8mm
Temperature of outer case: 55C (max)