LDNIO USB-C Female to USB Male Adapter (LC150)

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LDNIO USB-C Female to USB Male Adapter (LC150)
Fast Transmissionn 


USB to USB-C adapter, strong compatibility, such as driver, USB hub, card reader, keyboard or mouse, etc., connected to USB C smartphone, computer for data transmission.
5Gbps ultra-fast transfer speed, shorten file transfer time, but also enjoy lossless fast charging of devices with Type-C interfaces such as mobile phones.
Excellent USB connectors, long life, safe and durable, female and public USB-C-A connectors are designed to be pluggable 10000 times, basically life-long use.
Can support charging / data transmission / OTG exchange, suitable for TYPE-C interface headphones, hard drives and mobile phones and other devices.
Portable design, sturdy and stylish, with space gray finish, made of high-quality aluminum, withstand wear and tear in daily use.

Brand: Ldnio
Model: LC150
Item Code: 5908
Color: Grey
Material: Aluminum
Function: Charging/Data Transmission/OTG Exchange
Device: Type-C Mobile(OTG)/Tablet/PC
Product Size: 2 X 1.4 X 0.7cm 
Product Weight: 4g / 0.14oz
Package Size: 160 X 80 X 30 MM
Package Weight: 28g / 0.98oz
ISO 9001 Certified