IEASUN 300Mbps Modem-4G SIM Router A15WS

Category: Networking
Rs. 15,500.00

IEASUN 300Mbps Modem-4G SIM Router A15WS

IEASUN 300Mbps Modem-Router 4G A15WS is an excellent solution for connecting to the Internet. Thanks to a wide range of LTE standards, the router is able to work with any cellular operator.

This producat is a 4G wireless communication terminal product for you.  It is especially suitable use for WIFI devices )such as telephones, computers game machines etc.,), computers can connect to the internet through this device by wireless or wired (LAN port) to enjoy high-speed wireless data networks.

Use the factory standard power adapter to supply power to device. After the power is turned on, all the LED lights will flash once and then start the system until the LED lights display normal status.

Open browser, enter address 192.168.01; input account and password;admin then click.

Model: A15WS
Item Code: 6049
Colour: White
Power output: DC12V/1A
Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or above
Operating System: Win XP 32bit/64bit, Vista 32bit/64bit:
                            Win7 32bit/64bit; Win 8 system
                            Mac system X10.6 or above version, Mac version X10.9
                            Safari 4.0 orabove version