HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter

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Rs. 650.00

HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter
1080P HD Adapter,HDMI M to F converter adapter adaptor connector


HDMI Male to Female M/F converter Adapter Version 1.4 1080P HD Adapter.

HDMI connector: Standard HDMI (type A male seat), gold-plated.

HDMI Connector 2: Standard HDMI (type A female), gold-plated.

Structure: The standard adapter, convenient compact.

Features: 1). Copper gilt, signal attenuation near zero 2) Support 720.1080I. 1080P 3). Twisted pair wire impedance matching technology to minimize signal cross, to ensure error-free transmission 4) adopts the PVC insulation, abrasion resistance, flexibility and strong.

Usage: Computer, digital TV, plasma, LCD TVs, projectors and other connections and transfer between devices.

Brand: Unbranded
Model: HDMI Male to HDMI Female
Item Code: 2000
Colour: Black
Port Type: HDMI & Female
Diamention: L40 X W20 X H10 MM