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Genius M508WX MousePen Graphic Tablet with Touch Pad

Category: Drawing Tablets
Rs. 20,000.00

Genius M508WX MousePen Graphic Tablet with Touch Pad
Wireless 5"x8" Professional Tablet for Boundless Creation




Genius MousePen M508WX Graphic Tablet is an elegant tablet from Genius that brings you a more enjoyable and flexible painting experience. This 5”x 8” wireless tablet is one of a kind and stands out from all other traditional tablets because it can be used 10 meters away from your monitor if you’re sitting on the couch. The lightweight battery-free cordless pen gives you intuitive control just like a real pen – draw, paint, sketch and sign easily. The high 2560 LPI is great for PC or Mac users. In addition, four express keys provide instant access to eraser, undo, new layer and brush functions.


Brand: Genius
Model: M508WX
Item Code: 2311
Item Weight: 0.33 Kilograms
Colour: Black
Warranty: Six Months