Genius 5 X 8 Kids Drawing Pad

Category: Drawing Tablets
Rs. 3,500.00

Genius 5 X 8 Kids Drawing Pad
Kids Designer, Easy Lerning, Playing and Painting


Let your children start a great adventure that is full of excitement and creativity with the most innovative tablet from Genius - Kids Designer. It's a fun and cool idea for kids ages 3-8. With Kids Designer, you can paint, draw, write and use it as a mouse or even play a game. The specially developed game software helps inspire children to accelerate their learning skills of colors, shapes, math, thinking, etc. Now children can express what they are thinking and create their imagination using the included game software . A number of fun games are also made for pure enjoyment and excitement.

Tablet for kids ages 3-8, very easy to use
• Great games to stimulate learning and creativity
• 5”x8” work surface for total freedom
• Pen clip design
• Button for instant access to games

Brand: Genius
Model: Kids Designer
Item Code: 2315
Interface: USB
RPS: 125
Active Area: 5" X 8"
Resolution: 2540
Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/XP
PC: IBM / Pentium 233 or higher