Gel Pad Nanotechnology

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Gel Pad Nanotechnology

This new gel pad nano holder doesn 't need glue or nails, just stick it anywhere. It can be mounted on the wall, even though the walls aren' t flat. This nano gel pad holder is full of flexibility, you can attach anything, there 's amazing suction power and it doesn' t leave a trace on the plane attached. It won 't change shape even if it' s placed in a high temperature chamber.

Flexible and moldable as needed - Strong adsorption / adhesive capabilities on all flat surfaces, such as glass - Hold it perfectly when used in the dashboard - Smart phone mp3 player gps devices - Easy to remove and reassemble - Leave no mark when removed - Fit for a variety of car dashboards - It can also be used for other types of items around you. - Suitable for gps on your car. - It 's also suitable for selfie. - Kitchen toolkit for mobile phone - It 's a good fit for electronic / gadgets on the wall. - Could be for all gadgets - Could be anywhere. - They 're very strong - Reusable washable nano rubber gel pad fixate holder.

Do not use in damp and peeling environment, also do not hang valuables vertically for a long time.


Brand: Unbranded
Model: Non
Colour: Transparancy
Messurement: 50 MM
Shapes: Square & Round