Fotopro DIGI-9300 Professional Camera Tripod Stand

Category: Tripods
Rs. 9,850.00

Fotopro DIGI-9300 Professional Camera Tripod Stand
Live streaming and Selfie, Video recording

As with all products in the DIGI range, the 9300 is extremely light and sturdy. This video tripod was designed for video enthusiasts who are perpetually on the go, who need equipment they can set up within seconds, who need to carry that equipment wherever they may go and who need to use it in all sorts of conditions.
The DIGI 9300 tripod – as light as they come

Though compact, this video tripod is by no means flimsy. It’s the type of accessory you should always carry with you, and luckily, the frame is so light and small that you shouldn’t have any trouble in that department. What’s more, the tripod comes in its own bag for safe and easy storage. So, when you’re on a tight deadline and running a late shift chasing that perfect video that seems to elude you for days on end, the DIGI 9300 should come in very handy.

DIGI 9300 – the video tripod that travels light

Don’t let a moment go to waste with the DIGI 9300, a tripod that can join you on any adventure. If your project is perpetually changing locations, and you’re always on the go, take your DIGI 9300 wherever your DSLR may be needed and make the most of your filming. Wildlife documentary? No problem. Landscape footage? The DIGI 9300 will be there. Air show to commemorate the fallen? This tripod has god it covered. Aerial acrobatics act at your local circus? Just set it up, tilt it, pan it, lock it, and it’s lights, camera, action!

Brand: Fotopro
Model: DIGI-9300
Item Code: 5253
Colour: Black
Height: 1800 Max
Folded:  630mm
Load: 6kg Max.
Material: Aluminum