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F&D T-180BT Sound Bar

Category: Speakers
Rs. 40,000.00


F&D T-180BT comes in a nice and big retail box. Inside you will find well placed speaker remote controller, various cables, user manual, warranty card and also a few required accessories to wall mount the speaker.

As the name suggests, F&D T-180BT is a bar shaped speaker. It is really long and comparatively narrow with respect to its length to give it the perfect bar shape. The length to height ratio of the speaker is 10:1. The 989mm length is just perfect to keep the F&D T-180BT speaker with a 42-inch or 47-inch TV set.

The audio quality of the speaker is really good. The audio is loud and clear. Though there is no extra bass output from the speaker itself, it is good enough for music lovers. We tried to play the music at maximum volume and F&D T-180BT performed very well in this test without distorting the sound.


Brand: F&D
Model: T-180BT-Brand New
Mode: Surround Speaker
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Walttage: 150.00 Power
Source Battery: Powered Batteries included
No of Batteries: Not required
Connector Type: Bluetooth + 3.5 mm jack
Package Dimensions: H103 x W14.8 x D13.4 CM
Item Weight: 3kg 200g
Mounting: Hardware Cable & Remote
Warranty: Six Month