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DVI-D 24+1 Pin Male VGA 15 Pin Female Converter

Category: Adapters
Rs. 700.00

DVI-D 24+1 Pin Male VGA 15 Pin Female Converter
Analogue Monitor Adapter 

  • VGA adapter for 24+1 pin DVI-D connectors (yes, a actually technically impossible adapter, but see the explanation below).
  • 24+1 Pin Male DVI-D Male and 15 Pin Female D-Sub VGA Female.
  • This adapter does not contain a converter between digital and analogue video signals. It requires a DVI-D output which, contrary to the specification, also contains analogue signals.
  • On a specification compliant DVI-D connector that only outputs digital signals, this adapter will not work.
  • Nevertheless, not few graphics cards and manufacturers of motherboards with on-board graphics have not adhered to the DVI specification, but have installed DVI-D connectors that still output an analogue signal. For example, the pins provided for dual-link DVI are in question if they are connections of pure office PCs that rarely use a higher resolution than 1900x1200, which represents the upper limit of single link DVI.

Brand: Unbranded
Item Code: 1994
Model: DVI-D 24+1 Pin Male VGA15 Pin Female
Colour: White
connector-type: VGA, DVI
Item dimensions: L30 x W30 x H10 MM