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DP DisplayPort Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable

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Rs. 3,250.00

DP DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable
Bridge the gap between DisplayPort and HDMI with this handy 1M cable!

DisplayPort to HDMI Cable (male to male) is fully featured with all the bells and whistles, so the only limition to what you get get out of your system is the system itself! By that, I mean that this cable is fully audio combatible for 7.1 HD audio and HD 1080p video simultaneously, but not all DisplayPort enabled equipment sends those signals through the DisplayPort socket. HDCP 1.2 and DPCP are accounted for, so you needn't worry about displaying protected content. It's the no-fuss solution for using HDMI screens on DisplayPort outputs!

  •  Signal direction: DisplayPort input > HDMI output
  •  Cable gauge: 28 AWG
  •  Length:1M
  •  Cable diameter: ca. 6.5 mm
  •  Twisted-pair cabling
  •  Copper conductor
  •  Gold-plated connectors
  •  Triple shielded cable
  •  Transfer of audio and video signals
  •  Data transfer rate up to 8.16 Gb/s
  •  Resolution up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (depending on the system and the     connected hardware)
  •  Colour: black