D08 Wireless Audio Adapter

Category: Networking
Rs. 3,600.00

D08 Wireless Audio Adapter
Automati Connection

This wireless adapter adds reception to your player or other audio source device with a digital fiber optic port. It enables your audio device to communicate with headphones, speakers, and amplifiers. Perfect for watching TV, movies or games without disturbing others, and listening to music with family and friends anytime and anywhere. Low latency audio ensures that your wireless device can provide sound synchronized with visual media. It reduces latency and improves the end-to-end speed of audio transmission, resulting in a high-quality, synchronous user experience. You can enjoy wireless freedom in applications such as games and watching videos. Delay minimization, no synchronization delay, so that you enjoy good sound quality. Let you share the same music with others. Continue playing music and enjoy wireless audio freely. Supports wireless audio receivers with multiple device types, long transmission distance and large transmission bandwidth. It has all functions of wireless hotspot and is more convenient for networking of audio devices. Support third-party software to play music wireless transmission. A wireless audio product based on the transmission protocol, support a variety of devices to the music signal, lossless remote transmission to the sound system, but also support the signal wireless relay function. High transmission bandwidth, transmission of high - fidelity lossless music more than enough. Linear transmission distance is long, receiving is no pressure.

Brand: Unbranded
Model: D08
Item Code: 5866
Product Name: Car Music
Version; V5.0
Distance Range: 10M (No Obstacles)
Material: ABS+Aluminum Alloy