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Celebrat GM 1 Gaming Headset

Category: Mobile Accessories
Rs. 7,000.00

Celebrat GM-1 E-Sports Surround Stereo Gaming Headset

Celebrat Gaming Headset e-Sports GM-1, LED, 3.5mm, 50mm, black

Quality Celebrat headset with modern design and built-in microphone.
They stand out for their rich sound with loud bass while the microphone can receive sound from any direction.
They have a volume button and impressive blue LED lighting.
The rim of the headphones is adjustable, for easy adjustment to any size and in combination with the quality cushions, they offer a relaxing experience even after many hours of use.
The 2.1m long cable is long enough to provide ease of movement and is connected to the computer via 2 3.5mm plugs, one for the microphone and one for the speakers.

Note: the USB port is only used to power the LED backlight.

-crystalline speaker and microphone sound
-modern design
-comfortable headphone cushions -high
-performance rotating microphone
-adjustable headband

Brand: Celebrat
Model: GM-1
Item Code: 5852
Colour: Black
Audio interface: 3.5mm*2 ++ USB
Microphone: 6050 / -42 +/- 2dB / 2.2K / 20Hz-16KHz
Output Power: 20MW
Input voltage: USB 5V
Working current: about 80mA
Wire length: around 50mm
Audio interface: 3.5mm*2+USB
Speakers: 20Hz - 16KHz
Scope of use: computer / laptop etc