BX-08 A120 Wrist Rest RGB Mouse Pad

Category: Mouse Pad
Rs. 10,500.00 Rs. 6,250.00

BX-08 A120 Wrist Rest RGB Mouse Pad 

BX-08 ULTi mouse pad wrist uses quality memory foam to support your wrist in a natural position. The ergonomic mouse pad is specially designed for people who work for long hours and suffer from wrist pain, joint stress & fatigue. The enhanced support would effectively reduce these stresses, relaxes your wrist and increases efficiency.

Quality Non-slip Rubber Padding: The base of the mousepad is made of fine natural rubber and the non-slip texture ensures the mouse pad grips the desktop surface firmly. It would hardly move or slide during normal usage.


Model: BX-08
Item Code: 5898
Type: Game Pad
Colour: Black

LED: 14 moods
279 X W210 X H22 MM