Baseus Elbow Type Cable CATMVP-A09 Type C

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Rs. 3,000.00

Baseus Elbow Type Cable CATMVP-A09
Type C

Baseus MVP Elbow Type-c is an adapter cable for with an original design and high-quality performance. The Type-C connector is located at an angle of 90 degrees to the cord and allows you to comfortably hold the mobile device while it is charging or exchanging data with a PC. The model guarantees minimal heat generation, but at the same time provides charging compatible gadgets with a current strength of 2A. The plug located at right angles will provide maximum comfort during mobile games. The cord braid is made of durable wear-resistant nylon yarns, intertwined in a special way. The core of the cable is made of copper alloy, which ensures high charging speed and minimal heat dissipation.

Brand: Baseus
Model: CATMVP-A09
Colour: Red
Type: Type C
Length: 1000mm