3 in 1 HDTV High Speed HD Cable 3D 1.4V 1080P

Category: Convertors
Rs. 2,600.00

3 in 1 HDTV High Speed Cable 3D 1.4V 1080P
Golden plated pins and grounds connections

Gold plated pins and ground connections. Watch video, stream media, and view documents through your TV. The cable gets the video signal out through HDMI standard output. High speed HDMI cable capatible with mobile phone, computer, TV, gameplayer etc. 1.5m HDMI to HDMI Cable + HDMI to Mini HDMI Adaptor + HDMI to Micro HDMI Adaptor.

Brand: Unbranded
Color: Black
Net Weight: 100g
Cable Length: Approx.1850mm
1 x Mini HDMI Adapter
1 x Micro HDMI Adapter
1 x 1.5m HDMI to HDMI Cable